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About the company

About the company

Company History

The history of our company started out in 1993, but the development of our products and our production culture had started much earlier. The construction of the first erecting shops and the industrial work started with the aircraft factory of Ernő Rubik, Snr. Later the Machinery Plant of Pest County (Hun Pestvidéki Gépgyár) operated here, and then, from 1974 on, as subsidiary no. 4 of the Precision Machine Company (Hun Finommechanikai Vállalat – FMV), the manufacturing and developing of telecommunication products were set up. In the course of the privatisation process, we, the team of owners, who were comprised of the employees of subsidiary no. 4 and of those of the company then and now, were trying to retain all the knowledge and experience that had accumulated in FMV, then one of the biggest arms telecommunication companies in the world. Since 1993, we have been trying to preserve and perfect the initial activity under the new name GRANTE Antenna Development and Production Corporation. Besides the arms industry, nowadays we are mainly trying to satisfy the needs of telecommunication service companies. Our company continues to be known and acknowledged in Hungarian and foreign professional circles as a 100% Hungarian-owned company. We have accomplished during our 25 years of existence that we are steady suppliers not just of the minor service providers but also of the leading telecommunication companies of the world. Our products can be found throughout the world. As suppliers of the telecommunication service providers in Hungary, we manufacture traditional and unique products alike. 90% of the point to point antennae of Magyar Telekom PLC., Telenor Magyarország LTD., Vodafone Magyarország CPLC., Antenna Hungária CPLC. are manufactured by GRANTE. The special knowledge and technology related to the development and production of passive microwave devices can only be found in Hungary at our company. Due to our microwave measurements, we have such unique measuring equipment (such as the 55m high measuring tower) and software which few other companies in the world can boast with.



Owing to our flexibility and effective capability of development and innovation, we develop 60-70 new products, on average, every year. Our experts have been developing our products according to actual market demands for 25 years, thus having been able to produce numerous unique products that our customers have been using with full satisfaction. We are able to handle the problems occurring during the design and production process quickly and effectively. We ourselves design and manufacture all the component parts that are to be built into our current constructions and also the special tools and moulds that are needed for fashioning them. Our infrastructure and machinery provide opportunities for numerous, now primarily metallurgic, processing. Combining our above mentioned properties and capabilities would we like to cooperate in the future with more and more inventors, start-ups, small and medium sized enterprises in designing new products and in prototype or even quantity production. We are happy to undertake sub-contracted works commissioned from abroad and from Hungary alike, to which we are capable of offering help in design and production optimisation and of supplying, at request, the necessary materials as well. With our uniquely experienced and knowledgeable development engineers and the special technology that is needed for the development and production of passive microwave devices, we are happy to meet all kinds of challenges related to communication technology.